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Wedding-to-Home: Chic Yet Casual Black & White

Today, we're excited to bring you the second post in our Wedding-to-Home series, where we invite some of our favorite folks from the wedding and interior design worlds to share their wisdom on how to take cues from your wedding design and use your registry to create an at-home style that you love.

For this edition, we’re joined by our dear friend Nina Isabella, whose design boutique, Nina Styling + Interiors, provides styling services for magazines and brands & decorating services for private residences & commercial spaces, in and around New York City.  Prior to launching Nina Styling + Interiors, Nina worked in the music and at Details magazine.  A graduate of the Parsons School of Design, Nina has worked for a number of talented designers, including celebrity interior designer Thom Filicia, and now combines her love for design, music, fashion, and photography with her own design and styling boutique. We love Nina’s style and are sure you will too!  So check out her take on how to bring a chic yet casual black and white wedding design into your home.

Hi everyone! My name is Nina Isabella and I’m an interior designer here in NYC. Amanda and I go way back so it’s my pleasure to join you on NewlyWish today!

My husband and I are total New Yorkers and as such, most of our wardrobe is black. When we were planning our wedding, we knew we wanted it to be chic but we also wanted it to be laid-back. We decided on a black & white day-to-night event that was elegant yet relaxed and fun.

Casual black & white inspiration board courtesy of Snippet & Ink.

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This is really the same approach we take with our own home as we slowly build a collection of housewares, furnishings & accessories. We want it to be inspired but we also don’t want to fret about having people over because that’s one of the things we love to do most in our home!

Black is great because it’s chic, grounding & sophisticated. White is light, clean, and simple. Done in the right way, you can use both to create a palette that’s subtle and timeless.

Nina's Chic & Casual Registry Picks

  1. Fun but not over-the-top sheets by BlissLiving Home.
  2. Can’t go wrong with fresh white bedding. Matteo is my favorite – woven in Italy and sewn in L.A.
  3. Love the Tug Pattern designed by Alyson Fox.
  4. I adore Le Creuset – if you get just one piece, go for the Dutch Oven.
  5. I use my tea kettle every…single…day.
  6. Fishs Eddy 212 dinnerware - Fun black & white pattern celebrating the city that doesn't sleep.
  7. These thermo cups are the perfect pairing for that shiny white tea kettle - love the play on Nordic sweater design.
  8. An all white spindle column lamp is a sleek classic look.
  9. Impossible not to fall in love these hot dog pillows.
  10. Adore the unique design of these double candleholders by Menu.

Thank you so much, Nina. When I think of black and white, it usually conjures up vision of very formal events and home décor, so it’s great to see how you can make it feel so much more relaxed and down-to-earth.

So NewlyWishers, what do you think about black and white for your wedding and how would you bring this into your home? Do you have other ideas for our Wedding-to-Home series? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check out Nina’s blog for more of her great styling and interior design ideas.

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